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Get you Astrological prediction combined with your Birth chart (Janam Kundli) and your Vaastu for best results.

Pandit Hrishikesh is a well experienced Astrologer and Vaastu consultant. He has a method to make predictions based on combining your birth chart with your current location.

This method has given surprising results to many.

Call : Pandit Hrishikesh : 09820218802 Mumbai.

Directions decide destiny. We help you to infuse positive energy and get really good benefits that will make your Vaastu smile. And then you’ll really enjoy when your Vaastu will say ‘VAASTU TATHAASTU’

Vaastuyog is about Vaastu shastra. We are Vaastu Consultant in Mumbai. Vaastu is based on 8 directions and 5 elements of nature. Everyone or anyone who exists on the planet is effected by these panchatatva, irrespective of Home, Office, Factory, Shop need to have their vaastu checked on regular basis.

It is amazing to know that the Vaastu principles discussed in our ancient books are built upon solid foundations of science to provide all round prosperity for the dweller.

The entire life in our Universe is based on the five elements namely Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Sky. These five elements are found everywhere and anywhere. Even our body is composed of these five elements only. When any of these elements happen to be in excess or less in our body, it will result into physical or psychological problems. For example, if Fire element is more, we will get physical problems like high BP, insomnia, ulcers and psychological problems like anger and tensions. When Water element dominates, it leads to laziness, hallucinations, fickle mindedness, obesity and indigestion. Vaastu is a science of architecture which is aimed at balancing these five elements.

In our solar system, Sun provides life by giving enough light and heat which makes the life possible on Earth. Sun rays travel in the Sky and reach our Earth. Thus the Sky element is the carrier of life energy. Sky element should be enough to carry abundant life force into our house.

Pandit Hrishikesh jyotish Pandit Hrishikesh jyotish


Presented many TV shows

on Astrology and Vaastu


Yashwant Vaastu

on TV9 Channel

By : Pandith Hrishikesh

Pandit hrishikesh astrology Pandit hrishikesh astrology

Vaastu Yog

We at vaastuyog help people to get their home, office, shop, factories vaastu correction with our consultation to the point suggestions and remedies.

We all know Vastu Sastra is mainly based on directional alignments, balancing of five elements, cosmological consideration, etc. It prescribes certain norms for sites and buildings, based on flow of energy. Adherence of these norms can definitely enhance the quality of the dwellers of the particular place.

We conduct regular TV show on Lemon TV every Tuesday at 3pm and give free tips and suggestion to our viewers.

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